The product

Bene pharmaChem is the manufacturer of the medicinal substance pentosan polysulphate sodium.


Pentosan polysulphate sodium is a semi-synthetic polysaccharide made from beech wood. It is a linear macromolecule assigned to polyelctrolytes as a sulphated polyanion.


The manufacturing process of bene pharmaChem ensures a quantitatively and qualitatively unique product with a longstanding documented safety and efficiency in its therapeutic indications. More than 60 years of experience in the synthesis of polysaccharide and a high-tech standardised manufacturing process stand for the unique quality that has been confirmed time and again in audits from local and international authorities (FDA) and companies.

Pentosan polysulphate sodium, which is manufactured by bene pharmaChem, is the only officially approved and clinically tested medicinal substance in the USA, Europe and Australia.

Areas of Application

Pentosan polysulphate sodium has been successfully marketed for over 50 years as an ointment and gel for the treatment of superficial venous inflammations or haematomata from bruises, torn muscle fibres or pulling/tearing of ligaments. As a tablet and injection solution, pentosan polysulphate sodium was traditionally used to support the treatment of arteriosclerotic vascular diseases and Claudikatio Intermittens.

An important area of application is the use of pentosan polysulphate sodium for interstitial cystitis. Interstitial cystitis is a serious chronic inflammation of the urinary bladder without evidence of a bacterial infection.

As a veterinary medicinal product, pentosan polysulphate sodium is used worldwide for the treatment of non-infectious diseases of the locomotor system (i.e. osteoarthritis), for the treatment of lameness and the soothing of pain symptoms.